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What Makes Us Different

Indikonic is a fusion of the syllables India and iconic, and it alludes to famous pieces of Jewellery designs from India. We offer India’s modern women a quick and simple online shopping experience with a variety of stylish Jewellery beautifully crafted in various parts of india. By presenting stunning designer jewels that connect emotionally and services that embed trust, purity, and quality, we hope to generate value in unforgettable moments in people’s life.
Quality Assurance
Indikonic has successfully presented the notion of high-quality, beautifully created Jewellery at a reasonable price range, and it is proud of its devotion to rare and traditional art, crafts, and storytelling, while also making modern accessories for its discriminating consumer. Whether it’s designed for a 16-year-old girl symbolizing innocence or designed for a 60-year-old lady defining timeless appeal, we have it all. We recognize that ladies have a common appreciation for accessories such as beads, oversized earrings, exquisite necklaces, and rings. We want to offer each of you just what you need to be gorgeous, whether you’re a college student who likes tie-dye to cotton candy pink or a professional who loves hoop earrings. When you shop our range of high-quality fashion accessories, you’ll notice that each piece reflects our devotion to originality and flair.

We acknowledge that Jewellery holds a great deal of emotional value for both the giver and the receiver. In the end, we feel that Jewellery is a method of using metal and stones to create a concrete expression of love and joy. We feel that a piece of Jewellery, whether for yourself or for someone you care about, should be well-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and deeply cherished. We want to make jewels in a benevolence environment, in keeping with our goal and notion of ethical progression. Bring a new perspective to the world of Jewellery while maintaining its intrinsic poetry and elegance.

We aim to create a new legacy that goes beyond a single piece of Jewellery and continues to push limits. We wish to build a meaningful jewel that may be used as a sign of an intimate, enlightened journey for oneself or another. Our patrons have continued to be delighted every time they put on a piece of Jewellery, and we will continue to pleasure them by keeping our designs current. Indikonic Fashion Jewellery has risen to new heights as a result of our everlasting dedication to our consumers, making it the most trusted stop for all of your Jewellery desires.

Why chose us?

Handmade Creative Design

We offer handmade creative designs that provide great value for your money and livelihood to the needy.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be known as the greatest and most trusted Jewellery brand in the market. We wish to enhance our clients’ perceptions of our brand by offering them the most stunning and modern designs so that we can engage with them instantaneously. We wish to broaden our horizons by using our brand to expand our company’s recognition and versatility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to popularise the notion of high-quality, precisely created fashion Jewellery at affordable costs. We aim to deliver a portfolio of superbly created items to the globe that anticipate client needs, and we want to put it at the top of India’s greatest fashion Jewellery destination list. We desire to make an emotional connection with our designs as well as offer services that are based on trust, purity, and excellence

Reasons to love us

Indikonic means Indian Iconic, we believe every woman who lives on this beautiful earth is an Iconic creation indikonic helping women to look absolutely stunning. We understand the perfection of the whole. Indikoic is inspired by India & her heritage. The journey of indikonic started with an aim to introduce high quality modern Brass & 92.5 Sterling silver handmade jewelry into the market as a competition for luxury products. With a reliable team of master craftsmen, artisans, production team, high technology tooling & facilities, Indikonic stands on a unique vertically integrated foundation, where all aspects of the product journey are possible in-house. This makes us cost competitive.

Indikonic creates artisanal and expressive everyday jewellery, in subtle, nuanced ways such that it appeals to the global woman. Using the Indian techniques and artisanal craftsmanship, blending it with the aesthetics of the contemporary West, the brand has taken a unique approach to design.